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I may occasionally post files here in .pdf format.  You must have a .pdf reader to view them.  You can download Adobe’s free reader at

.Click on the link below for a story I published in the Spring 2007 issue of Drury University’s Bonfire magazine, which unfortunately is the one issue they never uploaded, so I can’t post a link.


PowerPoint program to go with the August 16, 2010 post “Selling Yourself Through Your Writing.”  You may download for use at work or in the classroom.   Please give credit and include the link at the end of the program.  Compatible with Microsoft Office 2003 and 2007.

Selling Yourself Through Your Writing

Let me know if you have any problems downloading.



UPDATE: I have removed the linked pages of Rose’s Hostage.  I am re-editing and plan to try one more round of queries before I give up completely.  


May 23, 2012

My entry into The Soap Boxers blog’s First Annual Fiction Contest was declared the winner!

Read “Te Absolvo” at


A flash fiction I submitted to Lascaux Flash’s 2012 contest. They did post it even though I didn’t win. 

Read “Shattered” at

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